Girls Varsity Basketball · Lady Rams District Championship Tonight!

This time of the year is truly the best time of the High School Basketball Season. The long tenuous late night practices, the extra hours, the scouting reports, film and so on, has come down to win or go home single game seasons. The Pre-March Madness has begun and the upsets and records don’t matter time is here.  Many teams have already started packing away uniforms and players have started looking for their gear for the Spring season. But there are still a few who woke up this morning with butterflies in their stomach, packing up their basketball bag for perhaps one last time in hopes they hadn’t just had their last practice.

The Lady Rams are fortunate to still be having that feeling late in February as they have now advanced to the District Finals. Not satisfied with winning the MSL for the first time since 1982, the Lady Rams have stayed the course of making history as they have advanced to the District Finals for the first time since 1977. A much different OHSAA back then for sure, your 2019-20 Lady Rams are leaving a huge mark on the program, school and community.

Even greater than the Lady Rams record though has been the story line that draws us to movies like Hoosiers, Coach Carter, Remember the Titans and on and on.. It’s the reason most of us, even after we hang up our shoes, keep on long after we’ve shot the last shot, threw the last pass and won the last race. Team. It’s who we sweat with, cry with, laugh with, share inside jokes with and fight with. It’s the struggle. It’s the celebration. It’s the adversity. It’s the sisterhood. And this is the pride of The Lady Rams 2019-20 season. That has been the greatest accomplishment by far. Creating a culture, that is represented in the community, hallways and on the court. Young women that stick by each other, hold each other accountable, apologize and accept responsibility when they mess up and are mature enough to accept each other as they are.

You will here the words “Stay Focused”.. and think well that’s a cool little saying. But for us.. it’s a deep inspiration that is worth fighting for. On any given day you can scroll through the team chat and see word’s like “together”, “stay connected” and “family”. This is what is so special about what is happening in Whitehall. That’s who will be proudly pulling on their Lady Ram jersey tonight. This is who our amazing Whitehall community has gotten behind. And this is Lady Ram pride!

Come support a movement. The Lady Rams take the floor tonight in the District Championship at 8:30 pm at Ohio Dominican. You can purchase advanced tickets here:


Let’s go Rams! #StayFocused